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New Bluetooth MIDI interface, built by Andrew Tergis

I’m thrilled to report that we’re getting closer to turning the Bluetooth MIDI interface into a kit. Andrew Tergis of Bug Labs designed a really nice printed circuit board, and it works, as this video demonstrates.

My favorite aspect of Andrew’s PCB is that offers several different ways of powering the board: battery or wall-wart, step-up converter or voltage limiter — you get to choose. It’s also designed to fit in a rather nice case, but we still have to figure out the details. Stay tuned!


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  1. Greg Kellum

    Does this work on Apple’s iOS?  I know there’s already wifi over midi on iOS, but I’m curious about the option of using blue tooth…

  2. Peter Brinkmann

    Hi Greg,
    I’m not too familiar with iOS, but my understanding is that Apple has locked down the required APIs pretty thoroughly. I’ve been told that Apple has tied Bluetooth data connections to a security chip, and that they require certification and royalty fees. In short, it looks like Bluetooth MIDI is not an option for iOS right now, unless someone devotes significant resources to it.

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  6. SteveP

    I would be interested in one of these…  I also found this great project:


    He is using bluetooth to send the MIDI data from the accordion interface to a computer, and he even wrote a little program to run on the Mac to capture the bluetooth data and route it to the MIDI system.

    Since I have another accordion that already had a MIDI conversion done, I started looking for a MIDI->Bluetooth converter and found yours.

    Keep pressing forward. :)

  7. Ilya

    Hey .. great work!

    I have been doing MIDI over 6loWPAN

    However MIDI wasn’t my real target after all,
    there is still quite a bit of work I need to do…

    Well, the hopes are that 6loWPAN will go a
    bit forward with Google’s Android@Home
    (but they didn’t confirm it quite yet, though
    most likely they will use 6LoWPAN and not
    zigBee or something else).

  8. Hagisbasheruk

    Any updates to this project please mail me

  9. Paul G.

    Please keep my updated as well. I’m interested in using Android devices to connect to my gear in live performance situations and potentially developing a gig management app.

  10. MK_Munich

    Hi, this is a must to have. Where to get one and what would be the price?

  11. LAYGO

    I’m very interested in this project as well & can not wait for it! I’ve got so much I want to do via my Asus Transformer tablet that I’ve not been able to find a solution for with MIDI w/o going OSC+Wifi (requiring a PC!).

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  13. Rick

    My mouth is watering over this. It’s been seven months since you got a PCB proto. When can I get my hands on one and how much?

    Thanks in advance…fingers and toes crossed!

  14. Dan

    Hi Peter, any advancements on the midi over Bluetooth kit? Excellent work btw. 

  15. Shane O.

    Nice work.  How can I help?

  16. Ray Ray

    Any updates on this wonderful project?

  17. l

    Hi, is this project still going? Have you hit a roadblock?

  18. Cavalino

    This is a must have for straight acoustic instruments like Accordian, guitar, harp, that can transmit direct to an amp.

    I am interested and very willing to invest some. $$$ I play guitar and Accordian.


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