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Annoying HTC Legend Bug #1

by Peter Brinkmann

Arrgghhh! I just got a report of a problem running Pd for Android on an HTC Legend with Android 2.1 that sounds a lot like a Droid X bug that I complained about a little while ago (as before, it’s a problem of the device, not the platform). Sadly, my workaround for Droid X doesn’t seem to help here, and I don’t have an HTC Legend to try this with. No solution for the time being, but the good news is that the problem doesn’t occur as long as headphones are plugged in.

The problem seems to be that the raw audio objects don’t properly acquire or release the audio device. I’ve got the growing suspicion that raw audio is the red-headed stepchild of mobile development. Seriously, guys, is anyone even testing this stuff?


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